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Monday, July 15, 2013

My Brother J's Wedding Wall Art

The picture for the wall hanging was art from the "Save the Date" card.
 My Mom had the idea and we took a ride to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbour, NH, to pick out the fabrics.
I cut out the buildings and mountain with fusible web backing and laid them out on a white background.
The swirly water fabric was an awesome pick!
After Stitching - Applique
Most everything was appliqued with black thread. Some of the windows are white appliqued squares and some are drawn on with a permanent fabric marker. The fabric choices have some funky patterns.
The PUBLIC MARKET CENTER sign was stitched in red. The wall art was then quilted and bordered in red.
Finished Gift

My new sister Tracy and my brother J, with myself, on the presentation day!
We had all the attendees at the wedding sign the back with well wishes and love!

Creepy Doodle

Thursday, June 6, 2013

History of Pain - Dark Poetry

Whispers echo from afar in a peripheral world.
They are like me, hearing the rusty hum, clever to the energy of anguish and uncontrollable tears.
Static splits the picture exploring multiple images with fractured sorrows.
A prickly breath escapes, before a forceful weightiness slithers in.
I am as if facing Medusa herself.

Suspended in time, those lives that I have lived and a reign I sense only in remembrance.
My hands are weightless rolled in glass.
In silence, my heart drops to depths unknown except by the rising flow of sluggish blood and a flinch of terror. I am encased within timeless miseries that afflict the uncounted and defeat a countless many more.

So comfortable am I in its shadow that I envision the brutality of war and feel each casualty.
I am a shining star in a mournful constellation of collected souls bound by a curse of blood.
Contemplate the suffering with blue lips, feeling the worlds’ tragedies, barely breathing at the bottom of the sea. With a hook through my gullet and salt water breath I lovingly float in a fuzzy red haze.

History always remembers the pain.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Be Your Creepy Self

Laura the Incredible Elder Goth in VEGAS, baby!

This is my favorite part of Vegas - going down stairs in my house pants to get my morning coffee. I have also been known to play machines for a long while and have a Bloody Mary for breakfast.

Me, Myself and I did Vegas.  I had random people take pictures of me as I wandered alone. There is brightness in Vegas but it is always shadowed by the dark under belly. You can feel the sin, the possibilities and the mysterious.
Believe me - I have never been the weirdest person in the room. Their is a freedom in waving your freak flag loudly and remaining a ghost.

In the Venetian walking into the Palazzo. Imagine having an unlimited budget to create a back drop. I could really do up a macabre, dark and comfortable old romantic parlour.

There are so many new adult-video game machines. 
I love the Dia de Muertos and other dark machines, like all the voodoo and monster games.

The totally not me thing is ....I love the "Sex and the City" machine. I did my 2013 tour in the MGM Grand, Cosmopolitan, Venetian and the Tropicanna!

I had the best Veggie Burger ever at the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venitian! For $16.11 I had an ice tea and a stick-to-your-ribs burger experience in a swanky joint.
A MUST for your next visit!

Grand Canyon nation park was the gourmet meal before a Las Vegas dessert. 

I sat on a high rock 1 mile down a steep switchback and felt like queen of the universe!

The "Rat Pack" that joined me on my adventure to The Big Hole in the Ground, Arizona.
Fulfilling the promise and Dream-weaving!



My First Creepy Doodle

By: Laura Chowanski

I have gotten into the Doodle-Tangle thing, one has a creepy doodle book. I started making my own. Do you like?

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Spider Must Die!

Death by Spider

A freakishly large spider sits in the corner of the tent
on the deck of the house my father built behind our house
sniffing my glue.
Vision of a smoky nightmare.
A broken soldier staring up the nose of a Panzer
Toting a machine gun without any rounds.

Sleek, impenetrable shell of the toughest behemoth to stumble into my nightmares thus far.
Long steely legs covered in razor stubble
A cluster of bulbous eyes staring at me
My fear immortalized in their reflection
Calling me out.

I weave between drips of rancid goo from its fat head
Dragging my feet in full rigor
A dead man’s shuffle.
Scarring pink clouds of insulation leave trails of fiberglass down my windpipe
Unable to plead for my miserable life.


If my armor is pierced how would death find me? 
Blood sucked dry until flesh is but a brittle tarp swinging from cracked frightened bones
Bundled in sticky white webby tendrils stained with blood.
A life-sized thick tuft of cotton candy perched on a femur.
Jewels scattered beneath wistful remains
Swept away in a river of blood
Sliding into the cracks of Papa John’s sturdy pressure-treated deck (Posts screwed; not nailed.).


All around me the festivities continue without a notion
Or a grand gesture on the part of those beneath the watchtower
Celebrating like there’s no tomorrow,
In danger of death by spider.

If only I was destined to swing a hero’s broadsword with the force of a nuclear blast
Thrusting radiantly
Cracking open the monster
Decking scorched 
Raining black shells that morph into bats
Green waste with chunks of liver and bone.

A loud bang and a deathly jolt of lightning
Splitting the beast in two
Eyeballs scattering
Arterial spray heaving bits of acid and hunks of squishy innards
Accumulating like snow.
Laughing as it dies.

If only.


Skirting the outer perimeter with my heart in my throat
Spine puncturing a lung spewing bile
I drag myself as far from dismemberment as humanly possible under the circumstances
Knowing he licks at my heals.


A menagerie of waxy white creatures
Eight delicate legs stretched out and bent lightly
Ghostly chandeliers swinging breezily from dainty glowing threads
Breathtakingly beautiful
A morbid mobile circling over the shadows of good times.
A blink of an eye
A studder
Haunted apparitions glide as elegantly as toddlers in frilly tutus to the ground
A bumbling ballet
A ghastly distraction.
Violently plucking the skin bags with the most adipisere producing blubber
as easy as you please.
A down comforter of terror squeezing volumes of blood into a cherry red bloated frozen face of fear
Spatting on the deck a gooey fountain of bodily fluids in clumps


The albino beast hauls its catch back up the inside of the tent with the strength of a ten ton wench on crack
A dangling corpse on its line
Amongst the subtle dance of glistening demons
War heroes
And the entire drowned passenger list of the Titanic.

The waltz with death is near
Heaving now from fear
All the decks’ a stage
Oh, Horror!
Careening through danger in a drunken stupor
Frantically searching for a gurgle
an awe stricken expression amongst the dead and dying.

A friend
mouth opened
bits of brain in her hair
Cigarette burning to the quick
Suspended between vomit stained fingers and a mouth quivering in disbelief
Fear gliding on invisible wings of ash
Extinguished by a whisper of hope
The calm eyes of madness.

I scream to her, my friend, “The spider must die!”

Not taking her eyes off the twisted circus beneath the big top of the tent
on the deck of the house my father built behind our house,

She whispers,

“That would go against everything I believe in”

Well, “Fuck.”


In the end I die valiantly
Not giving those fuckers the satisfaction of a single tear
Severing a leg, maybe two with a raging battle cry before death pronounces me.
An honorable passing
The way I always dreamt it would be.
A legend in my own mind.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Bejeweled Witch

Clear Quartz and Silver Plated Chain Pentagram Power Necklace
7 Polished Clear Quartz and silver with a Pentagram charm
Wrap around your Tarot cards to hold in your personal power!

Color and Symbolic Mojo Bracelets

Lucky Trinket Green Magical Bracelet with a Horseshoe Charm
Green stimulates prosperity and generosity. Feel the wonderful vitality in living a life well lived. .

Did you know, ELEPHANTS are Good Luck?

Courage - Orange and Yellow Stretch Bracelet with a Cat Charm
The orange stimulates emotion and adds a warm helping of courage, enthusiasm, and
reminds us that with a positive attitude we will always land on our feet

Earrings Fit for a Goddess!

Garden Goddess Polymer Clay Triangle Earrings

Moon and Stars - Pentagram and Crystal Earrings

Green Goddess Earrings

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dark Poem

Surrounded by the Shadow of Death.

Twas a cool damp morning. The kind where the clouds have yet to rise and the mist awakens dormant flesh as it sneaks up behind me.  Electricity whirls thru the dawn raining down lightning that stings my naked flesh. For he is watching.

Thy mist weighs heavy with every breath. A distant crow hacks out a fitful good-bye from a perch unseen. The dead vibrate through all that is living. Thy shadow, just barely visible, dances with the devil between walls of fog.

Those who have long since passed sing to me and smile. They are happy now, and forever will be, encased in the haze. They share private jokes and blood wine moving as if I am not there, their eyes playing tricks on me.

I breathe deep the earth, rain, and drowning embers. A low lit pathway beckons me to dark endings. For aware am I of the dark shadow that binds me. For there is love in a timeless moment when the mind dreams of the body wafting, rising with the murk, toward the distant gray no-where.

I see him and he sees me.  Curiosities welcome his eyes to meet mine as flames pirouette afore me. A ring of smoke finds me dizzy. I sway and falter. For I am swaddled in a cold, damp grip of romances.

Tis all a dream and I sigh as my wishes flutter out with the blood that quenches his thirst. By his fangs I feel no pain. My colorless soul blooms as it swirls making a forlorn figure in the image of which I once was, leaving a trail of frankincense smoke in her wake.

Meeting my eyes, he sighs, and wipes the blood from my cheek with a gentle caress. I wish to see him again, forever, as my body melts into his. A smile colors my pale cheeks as I drift off dreamless and at peace.

Laura Chowanski, March 31, 2013